Terry Francis

Terry Francis

Terry started his DJ career in the late 80's playing his first gig at The Arches in Vauxhall London. Starting to get gigs at various places in the South East of England Terry was noticed at a gig on Bognor Pier and asked to start his first residency at In-Ter-Dance, the notorious all night events at Sterns nightclub in Worthing, Sussex. It was here Terry met Eddie Richards who signed him to the Dynamix DJ agency; the first agency of it’s kind in the UK. It was no surprise that International gigs started to follow.

Terry was playing various London underground parties and venues in the early 90s and while spinning at his residency at the legendary Heart and Soul, Terry met future partner Nathan Coles and started the notorious Wiggle monthly events in 1994, which still runs to this day.

In 1997 Terry won Muzik magazine’s “Best new DJ”, which was won the previous year by Derrick Carter. Two years later Terry secured a weekly residency at the legendary Fabric nightclub, where he's still playing 22 years later once or twice a month.

Terry started working at Swag Records in Croydon in the early 90s and was producing music from 1994 as Housey Doingz with Nathan Coles and under various pseudonyms including the Delinquents, Dirty Fog, Deadendz and recording for various quality record labels including Pagan, Eukatech, End Recordings, Swag, London Housing Benefit & others as well as his own labels Wiggle, Eye 4 Sound, Deadendz and his new record label venture; Where Are You Records.

Terry’s recent releases and remixes include his exciting first two releases on his new label “Where Are You " featuring Caroline Geys, and an album “Nostalgia" to follow .

Love me Deep on Superfreq feat Miss C and Hive 71, and remixes for Orlando Voorn, Ollie Drummond, Jake Beautyman, Odette van der kooj and many more. Plus a beautiful remix to come for Glasidum exclusively on vinyl, for Suena Hermosa’s celebratory tenth vinyl Ep (Glasidum- That’s It! EP).